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Instantly evaluate your smartphone with SwapCash App

Want to swap your smartphone? Have your smartphone evaluated with the SwapCash app and in only 3 minutes you will know the trade-in price that SwapCash offers. Have you validated? Choose your next IOS / Android / HMS smartphone (choice between new or our range of certified refurbished iPhone and you only pay the difference!

How does it work?

The diagnosis on our app takes you through a series of simple tests and questions. We assess the essentials and evaluate the price of your phone thanks to your answers in each of the steps.
The tests will assess the state of the touch screen, pixels, cameras, speakers, microphone, fingerprint sensor, volume buttons, sleep/wake button, charging port, connectivity, among others.

A fair trade-in price

One of the other great things about the SwapCash app for Swappers is the high trade-in price for their phone. Initially, the SwapCash app gives you an estimate of the maximum value of your phone.
SwapCash values the product according to its aesthetic and functional grade.
In addition, SwapCash’s pricing algorithm takes into account more than 10 factors that influence the trade-in price, including brand and product popularity, resale and trade-in prices, and the cost and availability of spare parts

So are you ready to give it a try?
Download the SwapCash app from the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore: click here

Swap your phone for a newer one, or simply for the one you’ve always wanted without hurting your budget… SwapCash makes it possible.

SwapCash is THE easy and accessible solution to swap your smartphone. In less than 3 minutes, an estimate is proposed to you, with a physical evaluation in store at Mahogany Shopping Promenade or at your place to conclude the price and the swap.

With SwapCash, it’s so easy to get your mobile evaluated and traded in quickly!

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